One of these teams WILL win Super Bowl XVLIII...

In a few hours the 2013-14 NFL schedule will be released. Thus far we know 3 things. (1). The Dallas Cowboys have the 27th hardest schedule according to 2012 opponent's records of 121-134-1 which cast a wining percentage of .480. (2.) We know the Dallas Cowboy's opponent's, just not when we play them. and (3.) one of the below teams will win the Super Bowl.

NY Giants
Green Bay
St. Louis
New Orleans
Kansas City
San Diego

What makes us say this? For the seventh straight year the Dallas Cowboys face faced the eventual Super Bowl champions. The Cowboys have now faced the team that eventually won the Super Bowl a total of 39 times. Dallas has a record of 9-32 in those games.

So who will it be. If we exclude the Cowboys who of course is our surprising pick to win the Super Bowl. Let do a reality check of what teams could and can't win the Super Bowl. We can dismiss Minnesota, St. Louis, Oakland, Detroit, Kansas City, San Diego and even Philadelphia.

So whose left New York, Washington, Green Bay, Denver, Chicago and New Orleans. For pure hater-ism let's exclude Washington and being that the Super Bowl is in New York I will take out dome team New Orleans because cold weather teams don't do well in cold climates without home field advantage and Atlanta will win the NFC south again. Also taking into consideration for the Super Bowls home team jinx lets take out New York as well.

Now we have Green Bay, Denver and Chicago. Being as tho the Bears have a new coach and there erratic play we can strike them off the list as well.

What do we have left Denver and Green Bay. Two teams that can not only win the Super Bowl but also play against each other in it as well. This makes sense being the Super Bowl loser (San Fran) rarely makes it back to the big game and sometimes not even the playoff and with the dismantling in Baltimore I can see a Denver vs. Green Bay match-up working out nicely. (pending the boys don't get there).

So you have it here first, one of these teams the Denver Broncos or the Green Bay Packers will win the Super bowl and don't be surprised if they don't play each other for it.

If you want a pick as too which one (also from a pure hater-ade perspective) will win it I see the Denver Broncos holding the Lombardi after Super Bowl XLVIII. (Just because I don't want the Green Bay Packers to be tied with us for 5 Super Bowl titles)
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