Pre combine draft rankings.

The Cowboys have the 18th pick in the 2013 NFL draft. Depending on Anthony Spencers' contract we will either draft a Defensive lineman, Safety or linebacker (if we release Spencer).

Here are my top 3 picks at each position listed above as players to watch at the 2013 NFL combine.

Defensive Lineman - One of the deepest positions in the draft every year and this year is no exception.
If the draft were held today (and went went Defensive Line) my pick would be:

Sheldon Richardson - Missouri

Richardson will be a one-gap player in the NFL. He’s at his best when he can penetrate and use his quickness to make plays. I’ve seen reports that he’s a very strong player but, considering his size, I don’t think that’s accurate. Richardson can play powerfully when he shoots gaps and uses his speed to knock defenders into the backfield, but as it stands right now, he won’t consistently hold up at the point, i.e. he’s not a two-gap player who can stand his ground and shed blockers.

Right now, Richardson’s biggest weaknesses are 1) a failure to get off of blocks if his initial move fails and 2) his shoulder. The defensive tackle had shoulder surgery in early 2012, and that could be a concern for some teams.

Other Defensive Linemen to watch for:
Sam Montgomery (LSU)
Ezekiel Ansah (BYU))

Offensive Lineman/ Center
If the draft were held today (and went went Guard) my pick would be:

Chance Warmack (Alabama)

Warmack looks like a short offensive tackle on the inside. He’s 6’2’’, 322 pounds with an outstanding all-around game. In terms of technique, Warmack is the top guard I’ve studied in four years, beating out former Stanford guard David DeCastro. Warmack is a good athlete. He can still pull and get to the second level. Warmack maintains proper pad level and leverage in both the running and passing games almost flawlessly.

If there’s an area where Warmack could struggle right away it’s against power rushers, such as certain 3-4 nose tackles. Warmack can add some strength, though, and it’s worth noting that he’ll still be only 21 when the 2013 season begins.

Other Offensive Linemen to watch for:
Barrett Jones (Alabama) - Using the Bill Parcells rule for Quarterback having a smart senior is always the best bet I am in love with Jones because of his versatility  He could make a big jump having a solid combine and shore up our offensive line.
Johnathan Cooper (North Carolina)

Safety - this position is not as deep and I expect Kenny Vaccaro to be off the board early. Unless Jerry Jones wants to do like years prior and draft based on a pick he should have made the year before (Mark Barron) We should watch these players at the combine:

Matt Elam (Florida)
Tony Jefferson (Oklahama)

If you not the type to watch unknown college players run around in Under Armour underwear in meaningless defensive drills in the middle of the day no worries we at will do the work for you and after the combine we will update our scouted players and give you our Prospect for the Cowboys 1st round pick.
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