Cowboys have the 18th pick in the 2013 draft

Being as tho the season has been over for a little while it is time to look to April to the NFL draft. As every year we look down the roster we see that this team has termendous talent. So do we go for dept at a particular position or feel that since we didn't make the post season create a non existing hole and try to fill it.

Tony Romo is not getting any younger, I don't say this from a standpoint of forcing Tony out but all careers have an end. Romo is 32 years old, he has 9 years under his belt (6 are playing years). However the 2013 NFL draft is not littered with RG III's, Andrew Lucks or Ryan Tannehill. We have Geno Smith, Mike Glennon, Tyler Wilson and Matt Barley. Aaron Murray is not coming out and Johnny Manziel has to play two more years to be eligible for the NFL. Therefore drafting a QB to back up Romo should be saved for latter years.

So where are there glaring holes on defense?  As we saw all year out offensive line needs help mostly at center or the right side of the line. Barrett Jones from Alabama is the most versatile O-lineman in the draft but with him needing foot surgery taking him at 18 maybe a stretch.

More than likely we'll go defense, switching to a 4-3 and having questions about Jay Ratliff's status and if Anthony Spencer will return will be the best bet.

Sam Montgomery DT from LSU will be our best bet.

Strengths: Certainly looks the part. Possesses a lanky frame with long arms and plenty of room for additional muscle mass, especially considering his terrific speed. Flashes a quick burst off the snap and accelerates very smoothly for a man of his size, demonstrating the ability to track down elusive ball-carriers from behind. Plays with good strength and typically is able to hold up nicely at the point of attack, stringing off-tackle runs to the sideline with solid containment integrity. High effort defender who seems to enjoy the physicality and competition of the game. Showed a great deal of work ethic in coming back bigger, stronger and faster after sustaining a serious knee injury in 2010.

Weaknesses: Too often is slow off the snap, ranking, in fact, as the final player to react off the ball much of the time. Struggles a bit to disengage from blocks when he's initially contained. Flashes a quick spin back to the inside but otherwise is a bit reliant on his speed and bull rushes. He does not possess elite flexibility to dip under the reach of talented pass protectors and while possessing long, strong arms doesn't consistently keep his hands working to break free. Too often he's locked up and doesn't break until the ball has passed him. Struggles changing directions due to stiffness in his hips and can be left in the dust by elusive ball-carriers who see him coming. Reacts late to cut blocks and too often is negated by them.

Now being it's January and we haven't seen the combine and free agency hasn't begun this pick can and most likely will change.

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