Scout Report: Cowboys Vs. Bengals

We know this team, or this team knows us. One of these questions will be decided today on the field.

The Bengals host a who's who in former Cowboys, you have their Defensive coach Mike Zimmer  Terrence Newman and Pac-man Jones, I am pretty sure I'm missing 1 or 2 more names. Bottom line is there are players on that team that have a grudge.

We CowboysNation have something a little bigger on our minds, yesterday the news broke that we lost two teammates and we will play this game as one unit for them.

The Way I see it:

Where my dogs at? Robbie Ryan, injuries has befuddled us, we have two key players (front seven) still going strong. DeMarcus Ware and Anthony Spencer need to turn up the heat and the rest of the Yung Swarm can follow their lead. 

DB's can focus on lock down coverage and jumping routes.

With Murray back this will open the entire field up, the O-line can protect better on all downs leaving Romo to focus on keeping the Cincy pass rush honest and keeping them home with play-action and taking calculated strikes to Spiderman when necessary.

Keys to the game:

1. A healthy DeMarco Murray, plus a "hold the fort down" Offensive line will keep the Cincy Pass rush away. 20 carries minimum, for the War horse.
2. Keeping pressure on Dalton and MAKE him make a mistake while looking for his reads (A.J. Green). Create the turnover and capitalize on his mistakes.
3. Mistake free football 7 total penalties (both sides of the ball)

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