Never trust a FAILED quarterback

Never trust a FAILED quarterback

In 2007 three key things happened. Bill Parcells stepped down as Head coach, Sean Payton left for New Orleans (a few months earlier albeit ) and Wade Phillips took over as head coach and Jason Garrett came over to be Offensive Coordinator.

That team went 13-3 and had a PRO BOWL player at EVERY position. The offense was led by Tony Romo, we had a furious back up running back named Marion Barber that made it to the pro bowl. Catching the ball was a guy named Terrell Owens, Terry Glenn and a versatile Wide Receiver named Patrick Crayton Also on the offensive side of the ball a soon to be hall-of-fame tight end named Jason Witten. We also has had a first year player named Miles Austin on kick returns.

I am NOT going to drum out the over played (insert former great players name here) is not coming thought that door, but THIS team is NOT that same team. We only know THREE things...

1. That Sean Payton is NOT Jason Garrett
2. Wade Phillips' firing was a mistake
3. Our defense is NOT as horrible as we thought last year OR maybe we hired the wrong coordinator. 

Which ever option you want to choose all signs point to Jason Garrett. He is the head coach, we have a running back that we can lean on however no matter if we are winning OR losing no matter what Garrett. "Still wants to throw the ball", last year in Detroit, while we are up by 3 touchdowns late in the third quarter he "Still wants to throw the ball", two weeks ago in a tight game against the bucks Garrett "Still wants to throw the ball". When its 1st and goal on the 3 Garrett "Still wants to throw the ball".

Now as a quarterback what is Tony Romo to do?

Should he go Jay Cutler and yell at his head coach? Romo is not that guy. Romo is a guy that has broken DAMN NEAR every record held by Troy Aikman, Roger Staubach and Danny White. Three quarterbacks that could be EASILY be tossed in as a top 25 of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history. Do you know one quarterback that has NEVER been mentioned in the same breath as Aikman and Staubach...

Jason Garrett.

Is Jason Garrett a smart guy, possibly he did go to Princeton, is he a quarterback that as won, on every level consistently well he has TWO Superbowl rings, however a guy name Troy Aikman actually won them while Garrett was holding a clipboard.

Now here we are in 2012 with a 2-2 record. Our defense is REMARKABLY better, but our offense drags us down because we have a former quarterback that's always wanted to be the hero,  the guy to throw a Superbowl winning pass, the guy that always wanted to be the guy in the beer commercials and dating former pop stars as a coach. Is this want we really need Dallas Cowboys fans?

Jerry Jones has won three super bowls, Rob Ryan has two (with the New England Patriots 2001 and 2003) and his defense is better than Wade Phillips and damn near better than sliced bread. But the only constant is Garrett, maybe Jerry regrets letting Sean Payton go. I for one was sad to see Payton go to New Orleans. I knew Payton was an integral part in the Parcells system, did I know he would replicate that success in of ALL places New Orleans, snake bitten New Orleans??? NO and within TWO years HELL NO.

All I know is that this team is not the same team of 2007, this team is built with different players, this team has their strengths but our head coach is not getting the most out of them in 07' our running backs collectively where not better than Murray and Jones however we made up for it with Patrick Crayton and Terrell Owens. Miles Austin is better than Patrick Crayton but Dez Bryant is NO Terrell Owens, Bryant may yet develop into a big physical guy that can catch everything that is thrown his way, but he is not there yet and until he does we need to LEAN on our running game and use Witten and Austin accordingly.

Until we learn what are actual strengths are and stop thinking were the Packers or Saints until we figure out WHO WE ARE Teams will continue to play zone keep a safety high on Austin have the Mike and Sam linebacker spy and rotate on Witten and let the other Corner take his chances on our young star that only knows go and slant routes.

Until we fix these issues we will continue to disappoint, Jerry will have to continue finding new coaches and shy away from FORMER FAILED YES (men) Quarterbacks.

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